Assessment guides you to determine the status of your opportunity by addressing a series of questions relating to your opportunity from your company’s perspective, and, if relevant, also for your competitors.  The assessment in Dealmaker is pre-configured with the TAS 1-20 questions, summarized under four key questions / section headings.  Your Dealmaker administrator can change, or extend, the assessment questions and section headings if required.

Access Assessment

There are two ways you access the opportunity assessment. You can click on the Assessment icon on the Dealmaker Launch Pad from within the opportunity screen.

You can also access  the Assessment at any stage to get guidance on what to do next to assess the health of your opportunity by clicking on the Assessment tab.

Using Assessment

The assessment screen displays a matrix of the questions (grouped by section heading) for you and each of the identified competitors on the opportunity.

Assessment - Matrix

Note that the competitors are first added to the opportunity via the standard opportunity-competitor section in Salesforce. Competitors can also be added from the Competitive Strategy screen.

Add Opportunity Competitor

Section Headings

The section headings (Is there an opportunity?, Can we compete?, etc. in the screenshot below) display a quick view for each of the selling organizations of the status of the underlying questions.

Assessment - Contracted to display summary data

A background color of green/yellow/red indicates the overall “score” of the section (based on the +/—/? status for the questions), providing you with a quick view of the overall strength or weakness of that section for the organization. Note that some questions may be deemed more important than others with a higher score weighting which will result in their status having a greater impact on the overall section score. Dealmaker comes pre-loaded with scores for the positive (“+”), negative (“—”) and unknown (“?”) responses for each question. Your Dealmaker Administrator can change these associated scores if required.

Assessment Questions

The assessment questions are grouped under the top-level section headings.

To expand a section and view the underlying questions, click the arrow to the left of the section heading.

Assessment - Edit notes

Each question includes:

  • Notes: Displayed under the question, the notes can be added/edited by clicking the Edit icon to the right of the question. In the provided pop-up, edit the content and then click to Cancel or Save your changes. The edit pop-up includes prompter help to remind you what information should be included in your notes.

As per the other areas of the assessment, Dealmaker comes pre-loaded with appropriate prompter help that your Dealmaker Administrator can change if required.

  • Status: Available for each of the selling organizations (your company and each of the opportunity-competitors), the provided picklists allow you to view/set the status of the specific question for that organization. The options available are: blank (indicates that the status has not been set), “?” (question mark – indicates that the status is unknown), “+” (plus – indicates that the status is positive ), and “—” (minus – indicates that the status is negative).

Note that the icon to the right of the picklist provides a visual of the selected option. This is provided to allow you to quickly see the current status without having to read the values in the picklist.

You can either select from the Status drop-down, or click on the Status icon (either to the right of the drop-down, or on the summary line) to set the status.

  • Play: Your Dealmaker Administrator may have configured links to additional information for any of the assessment questions using Quicklinks.  Clicking on the play icon on the extreme right of the question will provide you with links to video learning or other content for additional support.


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